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The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made
Greg Sestero, Tom Bissell
A Feast for Crows
George R.R. Martin

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Dracula, the Eternal - Brandon Terrell, Ryan Jacobson

So, um, I know the authors. 

Back to Neptune

The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line - Jennifer Graham, Rob Thomas

Big fan of the show (and the Kickstarted flick), and I heart Kristen Bell more than most things in the world (save my family and, possibly, hamburgers), so my opinions on this book ain't exactly unbiased. I love this world and its characters, so any time to revisit them is time well-spent. 

Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline There's a lot I enjoyed about this book. The world is fully realized, the characters (or their avatars) are interesting, and the idea and execution of the 'easter egg hunt' are fascinating. Though there were times when the exposition and info dumps went on for pages, grinding the narrative to a halt. And the character's inherent ability and expertise when it comes to the challenges shows that, instead of being a character who has the possibility of one day earning his right as an 'heir' to the Halliday fortune, he already *has* the abilities and has yet to apply them. In the end, this keeps his character arc from being as dramatic as it could be. But as a child of the 80s, who spent countless nights watching movies like 'Ghostbusters' 'War Games' and especially 'Holy Grail', I was overall pleased with this book.